Maha yudh

/The great war

Ages ago, a celestial giant was fighting a brute on the verge of tez-universe. He won, but at a cost: Each finger of his right hand was severed from his fist and hurled into the space, dripping with blood and sinew, never to be seen again, until the fingers struck a giant mass of ice traversing in space.

This collision birthed five small islands. They sank to the core of the ice and sprung out as fully formed land. Gradually, species began to emerge, evolve, and go extinct. The cycle of life and death continued until more intelligent forms of life finally came to dwell on this planet. They named it Zeta.

Slowly and steadily, the wheel of civilization began to spin.

Norms were established, technology eased tasks, art forms arose, and trade and diplomacy became a part of everyday life. Each species on an island eventually formed kingdom-like units with heads of state akin to the monarchs we are familiar with.


Planet: Zeta

For thousands of years, life on Zeta was surprisingly calm. Peace was not just a value; it was the law of the land, a way of life. Minor conflicts ensued, but they would be smoothed over by dusk, and a new day would start by dawn with all previous grievances forgotten. However, this peace was not coincident.

Countless years later, when a sufficiently intelligent lifeform emerged naturally and developed civilization, they began to dig mines. All five species found an identical set of five ornate coins buried on their island deep in the heart of Zeta, with the following verse engraved on each coin:

"Together we make heaven,
where generations forever dwell,
Sins invite our fury,
the planet becomes hell."
To be continued ...

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